Public Place

All eggs used are local free range eggs, all sourdough bread is supplied by local artisan baker Danny’s Bakery, and all meats are supplied by the lads at our local Chisholm butcher CJ meats. Separate Gluten free fryer for all Gluten free options Gluten free & vegan & paleo available upon request, charges apply  Kitchen closes at 2.30 everyday

Breakfast  served all day, please feel free to add any extra sides

Publics big breakfast 21 (GF) (P)
2 rasher bacon, 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) roasted tomatoes, field mushrooms, baby spinach, chorizo, hash brown, on toasted sourdough

Zucchini fritters 17
Smashed avo, baby Spinach, zucchini fritters, roast capsicum strips, poached eggs, & salsa Verde
Add chorizo $3

Autumn bircher muesli 14
Bircher muesli, almond milk, chia seeds, spiced poached pear, pear syrup, walnut glass, and blueberries

Fungi and baked ricotta 16 (GF)
Roast field mushrooms with baked ricotta, jalapenos, fried eggs on sourdough topped with sumac

Nona’s heirloom bruschetta 17 (GF)(P)
Heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, smashed avo, poached eggs and balsamic reduction.

Autumn colours pancakes 18
Buttermilk pancakes, pistachio and honey mascarpone, granola, rose water poached figs, syrup, berries, with house apple and mint sorbet

Eggs and greens 15 (GF)(P)
Asparagus, baby spinach, broccolini, poached eggs on sourdough topped with salsa Verde

Lamb for breakie 18 (GF)(P)
Lamb loin chops, fried heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, fried eggs, topped with chimichurri on sourdough

Publics house Benny our way 17 (GF)
Traditional Hollandaise, poached eggs, house pulled pork, on sourdough with corn and capsicum salsa

Or the high…your way
With a side of spinach 15
With CJ Meats house smoked ham 16
With bacon 16
With smoked salmon 17

Publics breakfast burger 14 (GF)
Slow cooked pulled pork, bacon, avo smash, butter lettuce, fresh tomato & Bbq sauce on a toasted roll

Bacon & Egg Roll 9 (GF)
Double egg, double bacon, tomato or barbeque sauce

Fruit Toast 7
Artisan made sourdough fruit loaf, toasted with butter served w pistachio & honey mascarpone & vanilla bean icing sugar

Chooks bum nuts on toast 8 (GF)
2 eggs cooked to your liking, and if you’re feeling adventurous feel free to add a side

Bacon, leg ham, pulled pork, chorizo, hash browns, avo smash, asparagus, broccolini, heirloom tomatoes, eggs, field mushrooms, roasted tomato, smoked salmon, spinach, baked ricotta.

Lunches served all day

Vegan open burrito 16 (GF)
Black bean, corn and capsicum salsa, smashed avo, quinoa, sweet potato crisps, topped with salsa Verde

Brisket burger 18 (GF)
16hour braised smoked brisket, apple and fennel slaw aioli and chips

Mexican burger 18 (GF)
Spiced chicken breast, corn and capsicum salsa, spinach, avo smash, chorizo, cayenne aioli and chips

Anytime fitness lunch 17 (GF)
Spiced brown rice, and lentil pilaf, greens, Moroccan chicken breast topped with harissa yogurt

Schnitzel wrap 13
Breast schnitzel, aioli, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, pineapple, sweet chilli.
Add chips 4

Kafe Bar

Cappuccino |flat white| Café Latte |mocha
Long black | piccolo Latte | macchiato
Chai Latte | match green tea chai |espresso

Hot Chocolat
Hot chocolate | coconut rough | Turkish delight Salted caramel | Frosted Mint | Gingerbread NEW! | Lavender NEW!

Medium | Large | Decaf | Soy |Lactose free
Almond Milk | Coconut milk | xtra shot | Flavours

Tea 4
Royal Londoners Breakfast
Regal French earl Gray
Pineapple, lemon & ginger
Green Tea coconut

House blended iced coffees 8
Blended w ice cream, double shot coffee & milk
Vanilla bean iced coffee
Mocha choc chip iced coffee
Caramel latte iced coffee

Smoothies 8

Tropical island delight
Pineapple, lychee & mango, coconut milk, house coconut jam

Berry breaky smoothie
Mixed berries, banana, vanilla yoghurt, muesli and almond milk

Passionberry smoothie
Passionfruit, banana, raspberries, frozen vanilla yoghurt, coconut milk

Juices 8

Fruit & veg body lift
Carrot, beetroot, orange, apple

Beetroot, ginger, apple, carrot, orange

Power Me Up!
Superfood kale, spinach, orange & apple

Immunity Overload
Oranges, carrot, apple, ginger, lime & parsley

Kidz Foods (under twelve only)

Hotcakes with maple and vanilla ice-cream 8
Mini hotcakes with maple syrup & vanilla ice cream

Chippies w meatballs & topped w cheese 10 (GF)
Chips w house meatballs topped with cheddar cheese

Sausage and egg muffin 6 (GF)
Sausage & fried egg on a toasted muffin with Bbq or tomato sauce

Eggs on toast 8 (GF)

Schitz burger 10
Breast schnitzel with lettuce, tomato, aioli, and chips

Kidz Drinks

Kids Joose 5
Freshly squeezed orange or apple

Milk shake - small 4
Chocolate | strawberry | banana | caramel | Vanilla
All GF except Vanilla

Made with ice cream or frozen banana for lactose/gluten or dairy intolerant Please specify

Soy | Lactose Free | almond Milk | coconut milk

Pies & Pastries

house made pies & sausage rolls please check display all meats supplied by the boys at CJ meats (next door)

Pepper steak
Chunky steak & mushroom
Rosemary Lamb
Plain mince
Cheesy Bbq, bacon beef mince
Chunky creamy chicken & veg
Steak Dianne
Pulled Bbq pork
Vegetarian pie
Sausage rolls
Pumpkin and ricotta rolls

House signature Specials check for availability           

Cheeseburger pie
Mexican Nacho pie
Lasagne pie
Slow cooked pork, fennel & apple cider
Chunky steak & red wine
Chicken & mushroom
Korean Bbq pork
Curry chicken
Sweet chilli cheese sausage rolls
Chilli cheese kransky roll
Cheese kransky Roll

House specials T/Away only available til 10 am 7 days

Tradies on the go special (take away only) 12
Bacon & egg roll with tomato or Bbq sauce & medium coffee

Office Workers special (take away only) 12
Ham cheese tomato toastie w medium coffee